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    Power Rangers: Engine Roar [COLLAB]

    Dee Arris

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    Power Rangers: Engine Roar [COLLAB]

    Post by Dee Arris on Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:09 am

    In the year 2012 a government crackdown on cyber crime has
    started to make the lives of hackers miserable. New laws dictate
    that should a hacker be caught, he or she is to be arrested on the
    spot. The first victim of these new laws is former D.A.T.A. Ranger
    Scott Sterling. However, an unprecedented event has occurred. In a
    controversial move, the CEO of robotics company Gizmoware, has
    bailed Scott out of prison, after only serving one month of his
    sentence. Scott's freedom is not going to come free, as he must
    now help this CEO with Project Engine Roar, an initiative to find
    suitable android candidates to become Power Rangers. Once found
    these android Rangers must fight against the Industrial Syndicate,
    an intergalactic criminal organization of robots. The Industrial
    Syndicate plans to free the android citizens of the city of Tezuka
    Hills from what they believe to be human oppression, as well as
    enslaving the human race.

    Episode 1: Full Metal Heroes part 1
    Episode 2: Full Metal Heroes part 2
    Episode 3: Something in the Water
    Episode 4: Dig Deeper
    Episode ?: Shutter Bugged
    Episode ?: Broadcast Nuisance
    Episode ?: More Human Than Human part 1
    Episode ?: More Human Than Human part 2

    All episode files are in pdf fomat and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed

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