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    Fusion Knights [Ad][Pw][Joining Open!]


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    Fusion Knights [Ad][Pw][Joining Open!]

    Post by NeonNocturnal on Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:15 am

    Character and suit designs taken from 'Kamen Rider Den-O' which is property of Toei.


    5 Imajin Remain...

    "The night had been long. I had spent the night
    revising for tomorrows exam, I really didn't want to fail again, I wanted
    to get into high school this year, I wasn't going to let nothing stop me.
    Unfortunately I had took it too far and exhausted my body, I passed
    out halfway through my biology revision. It was then I stood in the
    middle of what appeared to be a white room. A train had appeared out
    of nowhere and I hopped on. The train master reffered to the train as
    'D-Liner' I had no idea what was going on, but he told me that I was one
    of the 'Fusion Knights' and that the fate of Dreamworld and Earth rested
    in my hands. This has to be a weird dream." - Ryan Maki

    Your character has visited Dreamword in their sleep and has also encountered the D-liner Master. Each hero has the potential to transform in a fusion knight. The first thing you must do is find your Imajin partner, who is the key to your powers, once you find your power you will be able to start the quest to save Dreamworld from the evil Nega Empire. The task will be difficult and you may need the help of your fellow Fusion Knights, as D-Liner master would say; "Your team is the key, the lock is to look within yourself."

    What are Imajin?

    Imajin are the native lifeforms of Dreamworld. The only non-Imajin you'll meet are Fusion Knights and D-Line Master. Once a human forms a partnership with an Imajin the human gains that Imajins powers, or in the case of the Fusion Knights, they also gain a D-Pass which works with the Belt D-Line master provides you.

    What is a Fusion Knight?

    Fusion Knights are humans who have the ability to fuse with Imajin and are said to be the only ones who can save Dreamworld from the Nega Empire. At first the habitants of the world thought it was a myth, but as they meet the humans, the come to realise that the myth could actually be truth.
    Note - Humans will not be able to fuse with their Imajin at first as they have to form a bond.

    -[- Rules -]-

    1. Tokuchat rules apply.
    2. No G-Modding
    3. Please try to use correct Grammar.
    4. All participants must be active. The 2 warning system is in function here, you'll get 2 Pm's asking about your activity, if there are no replies or your activity does not improve your character will be edited out of the story.
    5. Keep all out of RP chat in '[]' then it doesn't affect the quality of the RP.
    6. All participants are assigned Imajin by me, if you don't like your Imajin say so via PM quickly, as there are a limited number of Imajin available.
    7. Spots will only be saved for 24 hours. The idea of saving spots, to me anyway, is that you intend to make a profile later in the day but you're too busy to do it that moment. Leaving it longer than day just really says to me you don't have any real interest.
    8. The story will develop and end, it is my responsibility to keep this RP interesting, if you have an idea or I'm not doing a good job just send me a quick PM, I don't bite and it would please me that people are interested in this.
    9. Have fun and try to get along. :3


    Sword Knight
    Name: Ryan Maki
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Breakdancing, Music, Skateboarding
    Image: Ryan wears black jeans (with the bottoms overturned) and black classic converse. His T-shirt is red with a black sillhouetted dagger leaning to the left. Situated on his right arm is a black digital watch. His hair is black and shaped in a messy manga side-sweep style.
    Personality: Ryan tends to have really bad luck and lack of confidence, unless he is breakdancing, which seems to be a form of escape. He is brave and courageous inside, he just needs that little push.
    Imajin: Onijin - Hot blooded, arrogant, and comedic at times. Onijin has a heart of gold really, but he tries to hide that fact. His Ability is based around the element of fire.
    Meet and converse with Partner (Unlocks Knight Form)
    Slay an Imajin (Unlocks Weapon)
    [More Achievements to unlock...]


    Just fill in this form and wait until you're accepted and assigned an Imajin. :3

    Age: (Must be 9-18)
    Imajin: (Just Leave this blank)

    You may notice there is no History category in the Application. This is because I'd like to flesh your character through the RP, your character may have something in the past which relates to the situation they find themselves, leaving it this way keeps doors open for potential storylines and events to happen in the RP.

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    Re: Fusion Knights [Ad][Pw][Joining Open!]

    Post by Super-1 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:37 am

    I wasn't sure if I was supposed to PM this to you or post it here...hopefully I'm doing it right.

    Name: Makoto Tenma.
    Age: 18.
    Gender: Female.
    Hobbies: Baking, Monster flicks, Giving advice, etc...
    Image: Makoto is a woman with a curvaceous build that stands at about 5' 3". She usually wears a black t-shirt with writing on it and a pair of rather form-fitting white washed blue jeans. When she is working, she wears a flowery pink apron that once belonged to her mom.

    When she was younger, she had long hair that was bleached blonde and permed. After giving up her delinquent lifestyle, she cut her hair short and stopped bleaching it. Now, her hair is slowly turning back to it's original dark brown. However, the perm has made her hair permanently wavy.

    That in addition to her droopy eyes make her looking a little older than she actually is.

    Personality: Makoto is a recent high school graduate, and a fun-loving individual that made a promise to herself to improve her lifestyle once she graduated high school. By doing this, she gave up her rough and tough lifestyle as a delinquent for a more savory one. In order to do so she cut her hair, gave up smoking, and got a job at her grandparents' bakery in order to save up enough to get into a good university.

    She is still a little rough around the edges, but she is a friendly individual who is always willing to lend a hand to those in need of help. However, her temper can be quite explosive...especially when faced with people who doubt her ability to make it in the real world.


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